Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanksgiving: The Best Wines for Every Course

For many, wine is an essential component in the Thanksgiving feast. But with so many varieties of flavorful foods and multiple courses on Thanksgiving, choosing the best wines to match your guests' tastes can be a difficult prospect. You may have happened upon that exact red you wanted for the main course, but what about appetizers and desert? What about finding the sparkling wine to kick off the evening just right?

Our Thanksgiving wine list may be just what you need to plan your dinner masterfully. Our experts at have not only compiled a great list of wines to fit the holiday, but they've also recommended specific choices for every course of the Thanksgiving meal!

In general, we recommend fruity wines with lower tannin levels such as Zinfandel, Riesling, and Pinot Noir - they'll match better with the plethora of flavors that Thanksgiving brings.

More specifically, you'll need bubbly for toasting, brightly flavored whites for starters, fruity reds for the main course, and dessert wine for an impressive finish.

And to make sure that deliveries are more convenient for your schedule, we've introduced new delivery options, including date-specific, evening, Saturday, and by-appointment deliveries. Make sure to look at the options available to you at checkout. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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