Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Shipping in Time for the Holidays

This week we announced a bunch of new shipping options right in time for the hectic holiday season. We are very excited to let you know that is now the first and only wine retailer in the US to offer evening, Saturday, date-specific and by appointment delivery options. Since the wine industry is required by law to get an adult signature at the time of delivery, these new shipping options should give you a little more flexibility in your ordering. No need to endure the glares of your coworkers when your very large holiday wine orders arrive at the office or have your cubemate call you a wino! Just have it arrive after work or on Saturday!

We are also proud to introduce our new Steward-Ship™ Program, which offers frequent buyers one year of free delivery on every order, regardless of size, for just $49. And as always, shipping is fast! Most customers will receive their orders the next day or in two days, at no additional charge, due to the proximity of's wine warehouses across the country.

For more details on the new shipping options, please check out our press release.

For some good holiday wine recommendations, check out our list of great bottles to give.

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